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Hampstead pond at South End Green


Depiction of the projected motorway through SEG


The onion sellers bicycle on Hampstead High St 1998
The Load of Hay in 1997


South End Green in 1745 – Pond St in the distance – the site of the Magdala in the foreground


South End Green roughly around the time of RB Sheridan’s arrest


Keats House in Keats Grove, near SEG


The grave of Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery – with the writer


The Stag Inn, scene of Dr Crippen’s last drink in the UK before flight


The Isoken Building, Lawn Road


Memorial to George Orwell at Warwick Mansions, SEG


The White Horse pub with Orwell’s clock – currently Cork and Bottle.


Item in the Ham and HIgh around the time of the hacking scandal.


Triffid Alley, SEG – the gate.
Triffid Alley SEG – the passage


Starbucks Cafe, South End Green


Willow Road, home of Erno Goldfinger


The Jim Henson bench at the top of Parliament Hill


Alley off Hampstead High St, named after Marty Feldman


The East Heath Road home of Thomas Crapper, Marty Feldman, and Boy George.


Air Studios, Lyndhurst Road


Wham Corner on Roslyn Hill – made famous by George Michael
Michael Foot and the Hampstead MP Glenda Jackson


Parliament Hill Fields


Scene of the 1960s concerts


Parliament Hill Fields bandstand


Bookseller and ‘angel’ Anthony Wilson


Bronco and his friend Peter Cook

Church Row, Hampstead
Hampstead Ponds
‘The Writer’ installation on Hampstead Heath


The Railway Tavern SEG around 1995 – later the Garden Gate


The phone box that featured in ‘Smiley’s People’


The 2001 Arts Project at the ABC cinema – later Marks and Spencer


The end of the SEG cinema – site of the M and S store


Everyman Cinema, Belsize Park


Poet Adrian Mitchell at Roderick Road, near SEG


Roslyn Hill in 1881 by George Clausen 1852-1944
Roslyn Hill in 2015 – the roadworks were completed in 2014
The Royal Free Hospital – with additions
Posy Simmonds

The Magdala Tavern, South End Green, Hampstead


Derren Nesbit in ‘Where Eagles Dare’.
Paul Whitson-Jones, actor and bon viveur


Sylvia Whitson-Jones, Magdala regular


Ernie the taxi driver


Pub sign with representation of the Magdala battle


Vesna Stojanac’s poster for the Magdala Video Shop in Belgrade, Serbia.


The Magdala Bar, Addis Ababa Ethiopia


Documents relating to Ruth Ellis in the Magdala Bar


Mary Watson, landlady of the Magdala 1989-1997


Mary Watson’s amended notice and the ‘bullet holes’ – Magdala Tavern


Kirsty Wark of the BBC outside the Magdala


Play about Ruth Ellis at the Magdala – by Fiona Ellison


Mary Watson, landlady of the Magdala 1989-1997 (with Oscar Wilde)


Christiana Baehr (right), landlady of the Magdala 1997-


Bagpiper Dave Brookes being arrested for ‘carrying an offensive weapon’


South End Green entrance to Hampstead Heath


Parliament Hill


Inspector Ken Avis and Annie Scott


Alan Booth in doorway of the Railway Tavern. Also Dave Thomson and Keith Jacques


Jamie Jamieson-Black in the Magdala


The Marathon Café, Chalk Farm


The site of the Tunnel Club, now an optician’s shop


Robin Garland in the Magdala


Steven Mercer in the Magdala


Hampstead Heath in winter



Dog Show at the Garden Gate, SEG

From left to right: Jane McClintock, Andrew Hobday, Tony Elworthy, Terry Weil, David, Peter Bialsky, the Hoffmeister Peter Alderson-Smith, Jonathon, Dave Gravelle. Outside the Magdala Tavern circa 1983


Invitation to Miners money-raising event: Heidi Lee and Brian Loughrin 1984


Tony Elworthy about to take strike at the Miners Cricket Match in Parliament Hill Fields, 1984

Peter Alderson-Smith at the Miners Cricket Match 1984


Julia Davote


John McDonnell, MP in 2006


Hampstead ponds swimming pool


Parliament Fields


Bernard Kelly


Aerial view of Parliament Hill, SEG


Hampstead pond


South End Green fountain


SEG Festival


SEG Festival


Bernard Kelly on Hampstead Heath 1984


Bernard Shaw portrait in the Magdala saloon bar




Tony Elworthy


View of the Magdala across the roofs of SEG


The Old Bailey Door, minus knob


Dave Quinlan


Concert at the lake of Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath


Quinlan cartoon


Bill Driscoll


Hampstead Heath in winter


The site of the Old Prompt Corner Chess Café, now part of a coffee chain


Terry Weil


St John’s Church, Downshire Hill


Declan Mulholland


Declan Mulholland in an advert of the 1980s


Le Gaffe restaurant, Heath St, Hampstead


Paul Williams


Cumnor Pond, with flowers in Paul Williams’ memory


‘Big Nick’ Henderson


‘Big Nick’ Henderson’s grave in Highgate Cemetery


Pat McEwan’s ‘memorial’ bench


Simon Regan



Winter on Roderick Road, SEG


Angus James


Winter on Pond Street, SEG


Winter on South End Green


The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm


Michael ‘Peachey’ March with lady friend


Les Hyde playing the squeezebox


The Fleet Road chip shop, formerly ‘Michael’s’


Champagne Charlie


Beryl Kelly


Brian Snoaden


Keith Ley


Brian and Nadia Kettell. with Scamp


‘Lion’, the Peace Campaigner of SEG


Nice Brian


Flying Brian


Brian McDermott


The Water Rats Pub, formerly Pindar of Wakefield, Bob Dylan’s first UK gig


Marion Wight


Sasthi Brata


Locals at Hampstead Pond, SEG


Site of Sasthi Brata’s wine bar on Fleet Rd, now a café



Richard Ford


Victorian Savernake Road, SEG


Cornish Pat 9pm


Hairy Richard


Cornish Pat 10pm


Cornish Pat 11pm


Eddie Linden (with Tony Elworthy)


‘Work’ by Ford Madox Brown 1863 – set in Heath Street, Hampstead


Locals in the Magdala 1985


Locals at the Magdala 2015

The Black Cap, Camden High St


The Black Cap, Camden High St – fighting back


The Falcon Site, now a private house 

Baxter Mitchell in 2012


Locals at the Magdala 2015


Torriano Meeting House


John Rety


The Roslyn Arms (aka Bar Room Bar)


Little Steve


Leonie Scott-Matthews at Pentameters Theatre


The Belsize Tavern


The Coach and Horses


The Horse and Groom
Jack Straw’s Castle
The King of Bohemia
The Old White Bear.

Danny Mulligan


Camden Lock


Chalk Farm Road, Camden


Camden Lock


Camden Lock


Camden Lock


Danny Mulligan


Camden Lock


Camden Lock


Camden Tube station


Camden High Street


Andrew Hobday – the Haydn concert


Roger Howsam


John Southgate


John Croucher and Rigsby the Singing Dog


Julie Felix in 2013


The off licence owner subsequent to serving Jonathan Ross


Mary Watson’s last night 1997


St Stephens Church, Pond St, SEG


Under Ken Wood


Tony Joyce – the patron saint of the Magdala

Tony and Jenny


Extra Photographs – Magdala Locals in the 1990s




A visitor
Jan with Jim
Jo and her niece
Keith and Michael’s dog
Jim and Jackie
Mark and Marguerite
Michael, David and Nikki
Michaela, Brendan and Pete
Lyndon and Neil


Old Tom
Peter Fitz
Pete and Poppy
Prof. Mike