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A warm welcome to all visitors to the new site and I hope you enjoy the contents. Although very sparse at this point, over the weeks it will gather pace and volume. It will also include a Photo Gallery. 

The main project is the ongoing blog entitled


– the story of the travels of a one-man OSCAR WILDE show around the world. The first post begins today (June 6th 2017) and will continue on every succeeding Tuesday into the foreseeable future.

If you miss a post, don’t worry – it will remain online. Admittedly you will have the unusual experience of reading a book backwards. Simply check below for which post you want and then type in the name in the search box on the upper right hand side of the screen.

The first reports will come from 1993 Prague and then 1995/2005 Arabia. Later posts will include Ireland, Western Europe, the Americas, Africa, Hong Kong, and India.

For anybody interested, be warned that you are in for the long haul – no less than 116 episodes to come.

Just look at the top of this page and click on ‘Cider with Bosie’.


[For anyone interested in other writings by Neil Titley, why not try googling ‘Under Ken Wood’ – his affectionate and funny account of the life and death of a London pub.]



Post on June 6 =Introduction to ‘Cider with Bosie’

Post on June 6 = First Prague – The Nuns and the Russian Army

Post on June 13 = Second Prague – The Good Soldier Svejk and the Prostitutes

Post on June 20 = Third Prague – John Lennon and the Guided Tour

Post on June 27 = Fourth Prague – Capitalism and an Inspiring Hangover

Post on July 4 = First Bahrain – Rebellions and Camels

Post on July 11 = Second Bahrain – Ambassadors and Gulf Television

Post on July 18 = Third Bahrain – The Desert and the Dancers

Post on July 25 = Fourth Bahrain – The Souk and a Bomb

Post on August 1 = First Jordan – El Glubb and Another Bomb

Post on August 8 = Second Jordan – Luxury and Arab Army Bagpipes

Post on August 15 = First R.Y. Britannia – The Royal Navy, Booze, and Ice Lollies

Post on August 22 = Second R.Y. Britannia – Lifeboat Drill and the King of Spain

Post on August 29 = Third R.Y. Britannia – The Meeter-Greeter and Boris Yeltsin


More posts will be installed after this date.



The Round the World with Oscar Wilde Journals

1        INTRODUCTION       (1 post)

2        PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC (4 posts)

3        MANAMA, BAHRAIN (4 posts)

4        JERASH, JORDAN (2 posts)

5        R.Y. BRITANNIA (3 posts)

6        ANTIBES, FRANCE (1 post)

7        THE NETHERLANDS (2 posts)

8        HAMBURG, GERMANY (1 post)

9        LAKE MAGGIORE, ITALY (1 post)

10      HONG KONG (5 posts)

11      REYKJAVIK, ICELAND (2 posts)

12      INDIA (7 posts)

13      BOSTON, Massachusetts (3 posts)

14      SOUTHERN PINES, North Carolina (3 posts)

15      SIERRA CITY, California (3 posts)

16      EAST DIXIE (6 posts in all)

Charleston, South Carolina    (2 posts)

Richmond, Virginia

Columbia, South Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Salisbury, North Carolina

17      WEST DIXIE (5 posts in all)

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Birmingham, Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama

Sewanee, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia

18      BELIZE + MEXICO (3 posts)

19      ETHIOPIA (6 posts)

20      BULAWAYO, ZIMBABWE (5 posts)

21      HARARE, ZIMBABWE (4 posts)

22      URUGUAY + ARGENTINA (5 posts)

23      CANADA (8 posts)

24   IRELAND (32 posts in all)

London, Middlesex      (2 posts)

Letterkenny, Co Donegal       (2 posts)

Donegal, Co Donegal.

Westport Co Mayo        (2 posts)

Ballina, Co Mayo

Galway, Co Galway

Aran Islands, Co Galway

Listowel, Co Kerry        (2 posts)

Dingle, Co Kerry

Killorglin, Co Kerry       (2 posts)

Skibbereen, Co Cork

Crosshaven, Co Cork    (2 posts)

Dungarvan, Co    (2 posts)

Waterford, Co Waterford

Wexford, Co Wexford   (2 posts)

Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Gorey, Co Wexford

Wicklow, Co Wicklow

Glendalough, Co Wicklow     (2 posts)

Moyvally, Co Kildare

Dublin, Co Dublin        (3 posts)